With Global Partners in Life turning thirteen years old in April, this will be a special blog to celebrate the birthday. Global Partners in Life has provided for countless medical procedures since we started investing in the special needs orphanage in China in 2006. These medical procedures have sometimes been as small at shots for school or routine check-ups. The next level of medical care has been testing for conditions the children were born with, or to determine if surgery was needed. Finally, we have paid for several surgeries, with cleft pallets being the most common. We have even provided for multiple open heart operations, usually performed to correct a hole in one of the children’s heart.

An interesting reflection would be to show pictures from when I first met the children at the special needs orphanage in 2006, and then show a picture from a recent trip. Hopefully you will enjoy these photographs!

Happy Birthday to Global Partners in Life!


Happy Birthday to Global Partners in Life!

As you can tell, this boy likes to chew on straws and play with streamers. It is hard for me to believe how much he has grown! Thankfully, there are many others like him! He has had multiple cleft pallet surgeries, and we have provided the funds for his braces. Once his braces are removed, he will probably need a third operation to close the gap in the roof of his mouth.

Not only have we provided for desperately needed medical procedures, we have also paid for some more practical daily needs. These would include bigger items like a large van; remodeling the bathroom; remodeling the kitchen; and meeting needs for food, cleaning supplies, salaries for the workers, and school fees. As you can tell, Global Partners in Life is having success in impacting the quality of life for these truly needy children.

I must give a huge thank you to the people that serve on the Board of Directors for Global Partners in Life! Additionally, I must thank those who contribute in the work we are doing in China — for without them, we couldn’t provide for the children.

If you would like to join our donors, please visit us at www.globalpartnersinlife.org!



One thing that I am not is creative . . . just ask those that know me well and they will verify that. It is interesting to me to see how someone takes something common, and develops a new use for it. Such is the case for a hoverboard. During my last trip to China, I saw a couple of uses for hoverboards that didn’t involve children playing. Would you like to see the new uses for them?

What Would You Do With a Hoverboard?

The gentleman pictured in the photograph above is a delivery man, and what this picture didn’t capture was the speed he was traveling while holding a large box. I can’t imagine how much practice it took to be able to balance on a hoverboard, and hold a bulky heavy box, and be safe! I don’t know if OSHA has come out with a ruling on this particular use for the device!

What Would You Do With a Hoverboard?

The picture above shows a man who I believe was going to work. Apparently he didn’t like to walk the distance he had to travel, so he used a hoverboard. Maybe he had a reasonable distance to travel, and didn’t want to pay to ride a bus, so he used this option. I promise you it was very cold that day, so there was some very good reason for him to choose to be out in the weather!

With all of the trips I have had to China, it is interesting to me that I continue to see new things of interest!

Are your hoverboard skills good enough to navigate the streets in a city of 22 million people while delivering a package?



Today I wanted to share with you about Fei Bi, the youngest child at the special needs orphanage in China supported by Global Partners in Life. Granted, she is only two years old — but she is quite large for her age, and she has an enormous appetite.  Would you like to see a picture of her from my last trip?

Would You Like to Help Me?

Unfortunately, Fei Bi has cerebral palsy, which means she requires much more care than most of the other children at the orphanage, which puts a strain on the staff. As I mentioned, she has a large appetite; but she can’t feed herself, so one of the workers has to feed her. Fei Bi can’t dress herself or take herself to the restroom, so all of these daily events require assistance from someone else that is capable of correctly helping our little friend.

Global Partners in Life is trying to provide the funding for Fei Bi, and all the other children at the special needs orphanage, to have another worker there to administer the attention they need.

Everything has to be done for Fei Bi, because she can’t brush her teeth, bathe herself, wash her clothes, or prepare the meals she enjoys so much.

If you would like to invest in the enhancements of the lives of the children at the special needs orphanage, please visit us at www.globalpartnersinlife.org and make a life-changing contribution. 

The first week of April I was in China, and I was able to spend some time in Beijing. Spring is my favorite season of the year, and one of the reasons is all of the beautiful and vibrant colors that come out after the dull winter months. Would you like to see what spring looks like in Beijing?

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

This photo was taken from a moving taxi, but you can still clearly see the contrasting colors. I was told by the locals that the maroon blooms were peach trees.

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

This photo was taken while I was standing on the Great Wall of China at the Mu Tain Yu location. We had a beautiful morning on the wall, and as far as you could see on the surrounding mountains plants were blooming.

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

One of the many impressive things about Beijing is how they line their streets with beautiful plants. As you can see in the photograph above, these trees are literally right beside the street. Sometimes you may pull into an intersection, and there will be a wooden platform that is terraced with beautiful flowers on every level.

Beijing also has some type of rose that blooms well past the normal season for roses in the States. I salute all of you that have a green thumb. My grandfather was one of you!

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

What does spring look like where you are?

Tomb Sweeping Day

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The first week of April I was in China, and I got to witness firsthand one of the Chinese holidays. The holiday is called “Qingming” or Tomb Sweeping Day. This holiday is designed to honor, or some would say worship, their dead family members. Do you want to know how the day is celebrated?

Tomb Sweeping Day

As the name indicates, a tomb is involved with this holiday. Actually, flowers will be left at a grave site, and even a bottle of the person’s favorite adult beverage will be left as well. Most people living in the cities are cremated, but people living in the countryside are buried and have a tomb stone, so the people living in cities will go to the streets and sidewalks to burn something for their ancestors. Can you guess what they burn?

Tomb Sweeping Day

This is money — well, fake money that is burned so their ancestors will have money wherever they are. The bills look like a 100 RMB bill, which is the largest bill used in China.

Have you ever heard of Tomb Sweeping Day?

When I am traveling, one of the things I find interesting is the architecture. I have been fortunate enough to have gone to Beijing, China, many times, and one of my favorite buildings to see is the TV station building. Please have a look to see if you find it interesting also!

What Architecture Do You Find Interesting?

I call this the transformer building, based on the action figures from the movie Transformers. I have no idea why the lines that look like cracks are there, and that makes it even more interesting to me. Some people have called it the “Sponge Bob Square Pants building”, but I like my name better. The multi-dimensional appearance is like no other building I have seen.

Not too far from the Transformer building there is another structure which I find interesting. This building is called the “beehive building” by the people in Beijing, and I think you can understand why.

What Architecture Do You Find Interesting?

Both of these photographs were taken during my last visit. I was very fortunate to be in Beijing on a clear day. Steps are being taken to improve the air quality, but some days are as bad as the information being reported on the news.

Hopefully you will have an opportunity to travel and enjoy some interesting architecture soon! Don’t forget to have your camera ready!

As you can imagine, storage is at a premium at the special needs orphanage supported by Global Partners in Life. There are so many people living in the apartment, and they store items for all seasons plus wheelchairs and toys, so it is truly a challenge for them. So do you want to know how items which will be needed are stored and still accessible?

When Every Inch is Packed

It gets very cold in the city where the special needs orphanage is, so putting onions in the window is a great way to store them out of the way. The top green part of the onion are chopped into small pieces and used to garnish and flavor many dishes. The bottom of the onions are chopped into larger pieces and used with many dishes as well. It is also very common to see cabbages stored in windows and above doors in China.

We at Global Partners in Life try to provide meals for the children, and we cover the expenses for their medical and educational needs. Currently, we spend about eighty five dollars per month for each child’s food.

If you would like to help Global Partners in Life provide for the children’s needs, please visit us at www.globalpartnersinlife.org!

Over the last few years, I have noticed a tremendous increase in the number of very impressive cars I have seen in China. The economy has performed at a record pace if you look at the last fifteen years, so now there are many wealthy people willing to invest in amazing automobiles. Would you like to see some of the cars I saw on my last trip?

If You Like Cars

Check out this Bentley parked in front of some small shops near my hotel. This is truly a luxury car, with all the plush bells and whistles you would expect. It made me feel good just knowing there was a Bentley parked so close to me!

If You Like Cars

If you are more into sports cars, how about this Lamborghini? This speedster was parked in an upscale shopping area. When I was walking through the parking lot and took a couple of pictures, the security guards started laughing at me! Either they knew I would never have one, or I wasn’t the first guy to stop and take a picture of this beauty.

If you have a nice car, you may have a little attitude to go with it. Check out this lady riding in a Tesla. Her makeup, hat, and thin cigarette in a cigarette holder let me know that this Tesla was full of attitude and style!

If You Like Cars

One interesting thing to me in regard to automobiles in China — I don’t think I have even seen a used car dealership! By the way, the number of new cars sold daily is staggering. In 2016, the number of new cars sold in China was 28.03 million!

What are some of your favorite cars?

There is a young girl at the special needs orphanage in China, supported by Global Partners in Life, who is a poor student. Some think that, between the health problems of her biological mother and with her own health problems, she has some slight developmental issues. On my last visit, I learned that she has a new talent, which surprised everyone. Would you like to know what her hidden talent is?

Who Knew She Was an Artist?

She can draw very well! For some reason, out of the blue, she just started drawing — and doing it well for someone with no training. While the other students were doing their homework, she had her books out also, but she was drawing. I think that might be our little secret!

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

The photo above shows our friend and artist. It is interesting to me that she chose to have a telephone with no cord going to it as her paperweight. You can see some of her work in the photos above and below, and I was fortunate to find some of her work in color, because she usually likes to sketch in pencil.

Who Knew She Was An Artist?

Perhaps our little artist learned how to draw at school, but I am not sure. What I am sure about is that Global Partners in Life will continue giving financial aid to this orphanage so she, and her brothers and sisters at the orphanage who can physically attend school, can continue their educations.

Would you care to join us? Visit www.globalpartnersinlife.org to find out how!

The Show Must Go On

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One of the interesting things to me about Chinese culture is how the indigenous people will go out each morning and purchase the food and other items they will need for the day. Believe me, the Chinese start earlier than we Americans do!

There are many intriguing aspects to the early morning shopping, and one of them is the morning market which appears all across China each day. The local farmers will bring their products into the city each morning, set up a stand, and sell the freshest vegetables, meat, fruits, baked goods, tofu, and fruits. Then in a flash, they all tear down their stands and the street returns to normal before the rush hour starts. So, what do you think would happen if there was snow?

The Show Must Go On - Morning Market

As you can see in the photograph above, the snow doesn’t prevent the vendors from coming to the morning market, nor does it stop the customers. I must admit, I was pretty surprised to see how all of the vendors still made it into the city, and the locals came out in the snow to do their daily shopping. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, and the amount of snow we saw this morning would have crippled the city!

Hopefully you don’t get caught in a snow storm in China! But if you do, take heart — because the morning market will be there for you!