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Since the weather is so warm here, I thought I would share with you a story about how Global Partners in Life has tried to protect orphans from the cold. The story starts when I was teaching at a university in China. I learned of a fire in an illegal fireworks factory in a rural area about an hour from the university. Unfortunately, many people were trapped inside the burning building, and several children became orphans that day.

The village was in such a rural area that there was no orphanage to receive the children that had tragically just become orphans. To give credit to the people of China, local villagers welcomed the children into their homes, as did distant family members. A group of foreign teachers from the university decided we must assist the children, so we pooled our financial resources, and we kept the 20 orphans in school that year.

A Change in Seasons and Life

Since that fatal fire, Global Partners in Life was formed — but we never forgot our young friends. In fact, through your generous contributions, we continued to pay for the school fees, school supplies, coats, hats, gloves, and even gave some financial support to the families providing a home for the orphans. As you can see in the photograph above, they did receive new winter clothes!

Over the years and through your donations to Global Partners in Life, we met many of the educational and humanitarian needs of these children. Learning about these children’s situation was one of the many factors that changed my life from being self-focused into one that feels great joy and happiness in helping my new young friends.

Thank you so much for investing in the work of Global Partners in Life as we try to meet the needs of those than can’t provide for themselves.

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The first week of April I was in China, and I was able to spend some time in Beijing. Spring is my favorite season of the year, and one of the reasons is all of the beautiful and vibrant colors that come out after the dull winter months. Would you like to see what spring looks like in Beijing?

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

This photo was taken from a moving taxi, but you can still clearly see the contrasting colors. I was told by the locals that the maroon blooms were peach trees.

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

This photo was taken while I was standing on the Great Wall of China at the Mu Tain Yu location. We had a beautiful morning on the wall, and as far as you could see on the surrounding mountains plants were blooming.

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

One of the many impressive things about Beijing is how they line their streets with beautiful plants. As you can see in the photograph above, these trees are literally right beside the street. Sometimes you may pull into an intersection, and there will be a wooden platform that is terraced with beautiful flowers on every level.

Beijing also has some type of rose that blooms well past the normal season for roses in the States. I salute all of you that have a green thumb. My grandfather was one of you!

Spring in Beijing: A Traveling Art Show

What does spring look like where you are?