Thanks for joining me as I share about my adventures in China, the many interesting and beautiful aspects of China, and its unique culture!

After over forty trips and numerous teaching tours in China, I consider it my second home. Each opportunity for me to foster cultural awareness and acceptance among Chinese and Americans is unique and rewarding. I believe that anyone interested in Chinese culture or in building cross-cultural relationships between Americans and Chinese will benefit from the lessons shared on this site.

To that end, I’ve authored two books, Lessons from China: A Westerner’s Cultural Education and Unseen Tears: The Challenges of Orphans and Orphanages in China, which share the fictional journeys of international traveler Jan Cross. The first book provides unique insights into current Chinese culture, etiquette, and economic development; and the second book describes the challenges and joys of her involvement with China’s special needs orphans and orphanages.

Here on the blog I intend to post frequently about subjects like: etiquette, people, customs, food, holidays, tourist sites, economy, fashion, education, arts, architecture, housing, history, travel tips, shopping, and more. I’ll also be sharing about Global Partners in Life, a non-profit organization I founded to help special needs orphans in China. Learn more about GPiL at GlobalPartnersinLife.org.

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Unseen Tears