I wanted to offer a series of posts on the hotels in China, because settling in to a clean, comfortable room (and bed) is often the first thing someone wants to do after a fourteen-hour flight. You’re probably also thinking: And no hassles or unwelcome surprises at whatever time of the day it’s supposed to be because my internal clock is all messed up in this new time zone.


In the hotel series, I’ll share a few pointers to spare you any confusion. That leaves you with nothing to do but to settle in and make your hotel of choice your home away from home.

Now let me tell you, the range in quality of hotels in China is amazing! I have seen palatial hotels in China with beautiful marble entrances, complete with marble columns, and huge chandeliers and vases in the lobbies. The multi-colored flooring was just as opulent.  At the nicer hotels, the lobby staff will speak English well, which is a great relief for those of us who haven’t mastered Mandarin or Cantonese yet.

The other end of the spectrum isn’t quite as plush. I have stayed in a hotel that was similar to a hostel with three or four beds in a room. It’s quite possible that you may not know anyone staying in the room with you. The room rate is very attractive though for anyone trying to save money on their trip. Many hotels in China offer a free breakfast with the room.  I promise you that the breakfast in a hotel like this isn’t very good!

The following slideshow presentation shows a nice and simple room in a country inn, a beautiful lobby chandelier in a modern hotel, and an extraordinary luxury hotel lobby entrance.

Whether you plan to travel luxuriously or thriftily, do your research, get recommendations if you can, and have a great time!


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(Photo source: Soul Travelers 3 and  Peace Hotel Shanghai )