Fruit Cart on Street in China

Fruit Cart on Street in China


Amazing Street Food And Amazing Memories
I’ve been waiting to introduce a blog series about street food because it’s so much a part of the Chinese culture. Yes, I know many people will tell you that you shouldn’t eat food from street vendors because you don’t know if the food is stored at the proper temperature, or if the utensils are clean, and so forth. That is probably good advice if you are a very conservative eater and have a weak stomach. But I can tell you that if you don’t partake, you will be cheating yourself from some delicious food and from enjoying the wonderful, funny, and kind-hearted people that prepare it.

I have so many wonderful memories of the different types of street foods in China: I can visualize the steam coming off the cooking devices. Oh, and the wonderful smells…. It’s torture having to stand in line inhaling the aroma of the good food ― especially something that I already know I love to eat―and wait patiently for it to be prepared and handed to me!

China’s Fresh Fruit on the Street
I’ll lead this Street Food series with China’s fresh fruit. The fruit that you can get from a street vendor in China is usually very fresh and inexpensive, if you don’t mind negotiating a little. The blogsite shows the picture gallery.

One amazing thing I enjoy is watching a fruit vendor carve a fresh pineapple into a work of art in a matter of seconds. It has always impressed me how quickly the street vendor can prepare a design on a pineapple and then put it on a stick for you to enjoy.

Protecting Your Stomach in Advance
If you are one who usually doesn’t try new foods, but on rare occasions gets caught up in the moment, tempted by a wonderful smelling food that you just can’t resist, then you should consider getting some protection for you stomach. Before you travel, just tell your doctor that you will be traveling and that would like something for your stomach…just in case. My guess is the doctor will say, “Yes, we can protect you and give you a prescription for Cipro.”

Now, go, eat, and enjoy!



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