Yes, we all love our starches, even though they don’t always help our figures! Luckily, I’m old enough to not care too much about my figure, so I jump in and enjoy the starches often. “How do you get starches from a street vendor?” you may ask. That’s easy. The vendors make them right there on their carts or small stands.

Street Food 2-Starches-small

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is quite popular in China, and usually the street vendors have VERY large ears of corn to sell. Sometimes the corn has different colored kernels, which is colorful and interesting. Often, you’ll see the steam coming from a large pot of corn on the cob, indicating that it’s hot and ready!

 Street2  Food Starches small


Baozi, steamed bread stuffed with a paste made from pork and vegetables, is another delicious food you can get on the street. Baozi is most commonly eaten for breakfast, but I like it any time I can get it. Sometimes it comes fried, but most often it’s steamed in woven baskets. This would be considered a very common food for most Chinese.

Street Food 2 Starches small


Noodles are very popular and common in China. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so choose what you like! It requires great skill to twirl the dough in the air and pop it tight as the cooks knead the dough.

Street Food 2 Starches 4 small

Enjoy the food, culture, atmosphere, and people!

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