I am not an architect, so I can’t tell you all that was involved with the design and construction of this building, but to me this building is one of the most interesting modern buildings I have ever seen. It is near the center of Beijing and it is the CCTV building. It is a good thing I was in a taxi the first time I saw it; I am sure I would have had a wreck if I had been driving. I just stared in awe at the building as we passed it and I immediately thought: Wow! That looks like it came out of one of the Transformer movies!


There were a few things that instantly caught my eye. One of those was how it was a 3D construction… pretty amazing to someone that doesn’t have any imagination. Also, I wondered about how stable it was, since there was nothing I could see supporting a portion of the building. Another thought was: why were the dark lines there? Were they artistic or did they serve some purpose?




As you can see from these pictures at dusk, there is a certain level of illumination from within the building. Given that it was the season of winter when this picture was taken, I had to wonder if it had been decorated for Christmas. If it wasn’t decorated for Christmas, a wonderful opportunity to have something that could look spectacular was certainly missed. OK, I know Christmas isn’t as big in China as it is in the states. Maybe that was just the kid inside me having those thoughts….

Hopefully, you will get to see this building and the many other interesting architecture styles in China soon!