There are so many things to enjoy while traveling in China… especially the food! One of my favorite dishes is sweet and sour pork or “Guo Bao Rou.” When you dine in China, you will see many dishes that look like Chinese food you enjoy in the states, but I promise you, it will taste ten times better in China. I don’t know what the differences are, but the same dishes we love in the states are significantly better in China.

Guo Bao Rou is a slice of pork which has had all of the bones and fat removed. I am guessing that it is then seasoned a little and cooked in a wok or a frying pan to sear it and seal in the moisture. I think it is then cooked at a lower temperature in the glaze, which is where most of the flavor comes from. The sweet and sour port differs slightly from city to city or even restaurant to restaurant, but it has always been good to me. Sometimes the glaze is a little tangier than others, and then again, sometimes the glaze is a little thicker, but it has never disappointed me.





Often the plate on which the sweet and sour pork is served will have some type of garnishment on it to make it as beautiful as it is tasty. So, the next time you are in China, I encourage you to order the Guo Bao Rou and enjoy it!