The picture below shows one of my favorite little mom and pop stores selling drinks, cigarettes and snacks. As you enter the store, you will be impressed by the amount of merchandise that is displayed in a small amount of space. This building has a triangular shape, so the entrance is more narrow than the back of the store.


The next thing you may notice on your right is a couple of ice chest model coolers for drinks complete with a sliding top. I have noticed that in China it is very rare to find a drink as chilled as we have grown accustomed to them being in America, so keep that in mind when you receive a cool beverage.

About two thirds of the way into the store, there is a glass counter, which contains cigarettes and lighters. It is where you place the merchandise you want, and the store owner will bag it for you if necessary, and you pay for your items. By the way, there is no cash register, just a small box, so don’t ask for a receipt!

There is a man and his wife that own the store and work and live there. They both always have a huge smile when they see me, and they are very patient as I try to understand what they are communicating to me. In the back left corner, he has a small TV mounted, and he loves to watch the NBA. In fact, I believe Kobe Bryant is his favorite player, because he always says Kobe to me and give me a thumbs up!

There is a doorway behind the glass counter, which leads to a poorly illuminated room. If you look closely, you can see that they have their bed there and that is where they live and work. Now that is an easy commute to work!

If you have a chance, please go to China and get to know the people. I trust your experience will be as enjoyable as all of mine have been!