It has been my pleasure to have made many Chinese friends.  One characteristic most of them have in common is that they are laid back and easy going.  To further prove this point, I have some pictures of people taking a nap or resting in some unique places.


In the picture above, this man was taking a nap in a busy area of Shanghai.  There was a tremendous amount of traffic from vehicles and pedestrians, so I don’t know how he was able to sleep over the noise.  He seemed to be experienced at this, as he came prepared with newspaper to shield his eyes from the sun and separate him from his bed.


Perhaps this man is a little more comfortable than the man in Shanghai, since he has a larger pillow, a little cover, and his shoes off.  This picture was from a small park outside a library in Eastern China.  I was impressed with his ability to block out the noise and sleep.


This gentleman wasn’t asleep, but anyone that can be comfortable and resting in such a small space and with a hard surface deserves some recognition!  This picture was taken near a construction site in central China.  Like the gentleman in the previous picture, he opted to take his shoes off too.  It looks like he sold all of his merchandise, so he decided to take a break.