In the picture below, you can see so many different things to appreciate about the Chinese culture.  Let’s start with the donkey drawn cart; yes, you still see those in large cities in China.  Sometimes, you will also see a similar cart pulled or pushed by a man.  Every time I have seen this, the man was very thin and didn’t look very strong, but he was getting the job done.  You can also sometimes see these carts being pulled by a contraption that looks like a large roto-tiller.


Also, you can see the three-wheeled bicycles, which are usually able to serve in a dual capacity.  The back can be used to haul cargo or for carrying a passenger.  Speaking of bicycles, there is a traditional bicycle in use as well.  Another item to notice is how well maintained the streets and median are.  Many people are employed to sweep the streets and maintain the plants near the roads.

The roof of the shed is interesting to me.  The bricks look like they are holding a waterproof material down.  Beside the shed is a power pole, which is a common sight in China, especially in smaller and older cities.  I would say America has put more power lines underground than China, and power lines, I am told, have ruined more pictures than anything else.

The final thing for me to mention is the wall.  This wall goes all the way around an apartment complex consisting of three identical apartment buildings.  The apartments share a common grassy area, parking, and the wall.  Walls are common in China. You will see them around a campus, neighborhood, or company.  As I consider the Great Wall of China along the other walls previously mentioned, I often wonder if the walls are meant to keep great ideas and culture in, or keep ideas and culture out.  If you know the answer, please let me know!