Even if you have never been to Shanghai, you may have seen Nanjing Lu.  Nanjing is a city just north of Shanghai and Lu means road or street, so now you have the background for Nanjing Lu.  This street is in a tourist area of Shanghai. It is famous for the beautiful and colorful neon lights at night. That is why you may have seen this street in a movie or two!  There are several high-end stores there, as well as many other stores that cost a little less.


There is a McDonalds on this street that has a feature I have never seen before.  They have a walk up window that only serves drinks and ice cream, and it stays busy.  It does get hot in Shanghai, so this is a great idea! It essentially functions the same as a drive-through window, except that it’s walk-up only because no cars are allowed on Nanjing Lu.  Having said that, it amazes me that there is an automobile dealership on Nanjing Lu, but I don’t know how the cars get there, since it is illegal to drive on the street!


This building’s lights were amazing as they would continuously change colors and shapes.  You never knew what would be displayed next, but it was well worth watching!  There may be a competition between the buildings and their lights, but I have never heard that officially stated.  If you like to go sightseeing, shopping, and out to eat, this is your street!