Okay, if you are anything like me, you can only shop for so long.  Not only do your legs and feet get tired, but you may also want a Diet Coke or something like that to drink and refresh yourself.  On Nanjing Lu, there is public transportation, for when you just can’t walk any further.  It is also easy to take the public transportation if you are loaded down with packages.  Sometimes, all your bags and packages become bulky, heavy, and hot to hold. It’s is nice to have an alternative mode of transportation other than walking on your aching feet.

As with most public transportation in China, there are certain times of day that may be more congested than others.  The system on Nanjing Lu doesn’t move very fast at all and it didn’t appear to be air conditioned either.


When these vehicles get to the end of the street and turn around to go the other way, you may want to give them lots of room.  Using these vehicles is a great way to sightsee without being drawn into a store, which may save you lots of time and lots of money!

As you can tell from the picture above, these vehicles make great moving billboards, too!