In my last blog about the Pearl TV Tower, I mentioned that there was a tunnel underneath the Huangpu River with a train that ran through it. The train will take you from one side of the river to the other.  In this blog, I thought I would show you the train.


The terminals are new, clean, and well air-conditioned—which is nice in the summer. It gets HOT in Shanghai!  Once you pay and board the train, there are different areas of lights within the tunnel.  The lights are so interesting that you forget you are actually under a large river and there is lots of water above your head.


As you can see in the picture above, the lights make you think you are in another world.  This is a wonderful place to let your imagination run wild—and get out of the heat!  Some of the lights stay on solid, while others shimmer or blink.  It is very interesting down there under the Huangpu River; you never know what you will see next.  Once the train has stopped, it is almost a disappointment because you want to see more of the light show.  I don’t remember if the train runs all day and all night. You may want to double-check the train schedule, lest you end up the side of the river you didn’t want to be on when the train stops running.