I am told that the picture below contains the original gate to the city of Shanghai.  Clearly, I don’t know if this is true or not because I wasn’t there when Shanghai became a city, but I trust the person that took me there, so we will say this is the original gate to Shanghai.  With Shanghai being such a modern and huge city, I can’t begin to imagine all of the changes that have happened around this gate!


If you look closely, you can see some interesting things on the roof to the gate.  I assume the warriors are there to protect the city.  I apologize for the power lines in the pictures, sometimes they just can’t be avoided!


The warrior looks pretty mad and I don’t blame him.  I would want to fight, too, if I had to wear all that he was wearing in the heat of Shanghai!  A historian could tell us about the era of the warrior from his clothing, weapon, and protection, but I am not sure about the dates of the warrior.


If the warrior needed any assistance, I think these dragons would join in the battle.  I have been told that dragons were placed on buildings to provide protection and that they are more common than warriors.

The walking surface around the entrance to the city is made of stone.  I don’t know how old they are, but they looked pretty old to me.  This is an interesting place to visit and the people are very friendly!