There are so many little, yet unique, things that make Shanghai such an interesting city to visit.  In the picture below, you see a VERY interesting aquarium, which is actually built like a support column.  I must admit, when it initially caught my eye, I wasn’t sure if it was a real aquarium. Upon further inspection, however, I can assure you the fish are real!  When I originally entered this store, I didn’t even notice the aquarium, but it was a nice surprise to the day!


The picture below was on a ceiling tile in a store in Shanghai.  I was very impressed by the colors and expression of the dragon.  This dragon has four toes, so that means it was designed for a Noble.  If the dragon had five toes, then it would have been designed for royalty.


In the next picture you can see how you enter a store protected by golden dragons!  How exciting it must be for a young child to walk under the dragons.


Continuing with the use of colors, check out this picture.  I love the use of bright, contrasting colors are used. This photo also shows a popular lantern, commonly visible all year long in China.


The final pictures for today are of the most photographed tea house in all of China.  It is built over a small pond and the architectural style makes it very photogenic.  There are so many windows in this tea house that you may need your sun glasses inside!


When I was at this famous tea house, I met several photography students photographing the structure.  They were very nice and didn’t mind at all sharing the same object to photograph.  In fact, we all had to laugh a little at ourselves for taking the same pictures.