I am told that this fad started in Shanghai, but has spread around the country mainly in the large cities.  The fad that started in Shanghai is putting on your pajamas and going for an evening stroll.  You can have your spouse with you, or some may choose to have their pet with them, but the main thing is to get comfortable and go see what is going on in your neighborhood.  Some may choose to go alone where others may choose to go in a group.  I must admit that the people I see participating in this fad look very comfortable and relaxed.  Some go window shopping and some people pick up some item they need from a local store.  A positive aspect of the fad is watching people visiting with their neighbors during their strolls.  Having strong relationships near your home is a very good thing indeed.


This fad is catching on and growing in many cities I visit.  I must admit, however, that I don’t see much of it in the winter in the northern section of the country!  So, the next time you are in China, put on your pajamas and slippers and go for a walk, if the weather is nice.