Within a small geographic area in Shanghai, I came across multiple churches as I enjoyed my walk and sightseeing.  The first one had a very nice steeple with a large bell in it, and on top of that was a cross.  It was a large church made of brick, so I imagined that the church must have been old and well financed (to have the property it had).  I thought this because I was sure the property was expensive, it was a nicely made brick church, and it was large.  The name of the church has escaped me, but I imagine the inside must have been as impressive as the exterior was.


The second church I saw nearby was a newer looking facility.  Just like the other church, I thought it must be well funded, mostly because of the location of the property and how nice the building was.  This church must have had a school associated with it, because the open area was full of children.  When a few of them noticed me taking pictures, they came running up to the gate and gave me big playful smiles.  I think the children were very happy at the school.  As you can tell from this picture, it is common for Chinese students to wear uniforms.