The Bund is an area on the west bank of the Huangpu River; Zhongshan Road is the main thoroughfare in The Bund.  The Bund means embankment. This area in Shanghai was named for the bunds or levees in Baghdad along the Tigris River.  The word in Mandarin translates to the outer bank, since it is on the Huangpu River.

The changes in the architectural styles will amaze you along The Bund in Shanghai.  Without thinking about the history of Shanghai, I was extremely surprised to see so many western looking buildings in China.  To me, if you woke up from a deep sleep and saw these old looking buildings, you would think you were in Europe.





I have read that many of the Western-looking buildings along The Bund are banks. Since commerce is a very large reason Shanghai was developed, that makes sense.  Also, I think there is an impressive Russian edifice here as well.  Honestly, I don’t know that I have ever seen such dramatic changes in architectural styles as you will see along The Bund.  Shanghai has many beautiful new and modern buildings, and there are always the traditional Chinese styles of architecture around you in China, and then there are these older looking European style buildings that just appear out of nowhere.

If you have an opportunity to visit Shanghai, I strongly suggest you spend some time along The Bund!