For cities in China, Shanghai is a new one and definitely not considered an old one.  Even though Shanghai is a huge, new, and modern city, it still has signs of transitioning from old to new.  An interesting way to see this is to look at Shanghai’s skyline.  There are so many cranes and constructions sites that you are immediately aware that Shanghai is a new and growing city, yet you can still finds pockets of the old city.


In this photo you can see the old architectural style in the foreground and, in the background, you can see the ultra-modern looking Pearl TV Tower.  The contrasting styles are obvious and interesting.  I don’t know of many cities that have these dramatic changes in their skyline as Shanghai.


Another area that is changing is the neighborhoods.  This older apartment building was only a couple of stores high, and people would hang their laundry out to dry.  This type of neighborhood is being replaced by modern buildings like these.


If I haven’t suggested this before, I would encourage you to visit Shanghai if you have the opportunity.  They are very proud of their Formula 1 car race, so maybe you could visit and catch the race!