Once you arrive at the airport, if you need any assistance with your movement from gate to gate, or gate to luggage collection area, you have options.  I have seen many people take advantage of some of the offerings the airport provides.  If there is a single person, they may prefer to take the common wheel chair.  These are provided at the gate if needed, and an employee will wheel you to where you need to go.  They know the locations within the airport, so you won’t get lost having them helping you.  As you can see from the picture below, the wheelchairs are nothing fancy, but they get the job done, and from what I have seen, the workers are very cautious and courteous.


Another option available to you is the golf cart.  These golf carts provide you with space for your luggage and, if you have people traveling with you, there is additional room for them as well.  Your airline will provide the carts and the driver as needed.  As with the people pushing the wheelchairs, the drivers know exactly where to take you within the airport.  The golf carts run on batteries, so they don’t have any exhaust to make the air unpleasant within the airport.  Also, the floors are very clean at the airport, so when the rubber tires turn on the squeaky clean tile floor, they make a noise that sound s like a child making a new pair of athletic shoes squeak on a floor.


Within the airport, there are also trains that take you from the arrival gates to the main terminal or the reverse of that, depending if you are departing or arriving.  These trains run regularly, so you never have to wait long for a train!  At times they may be crowed, but usually not too bad!  Don’t worry, the announcements about where to get off the train are made in Chinese and English, and the signs on the train are in Chinese and English as well!