As I mentioned in an earlier blog, it is very easy to find signs in English to help you make your way through the Beijing Capital Airport.  Another good opportunity to help you through the airport are the free luggage carts.  Before you collect your luggage, may I suggest using one of the large carts, which will enable you to transport many normal sized pieces of luggage.  These can be a lifesaver if you have a lot of luggage with you!


You will find these carts lined up throughout the airport. All you need to do to take one is to depress the handle to release the brake and away you go.  By the way, the airport prefers for the carts to be a couple of feet away from the luggage carousel when you retrieve your luggage.  It can get a little crowded, so a little space is appreciated, especially if you are removing a large piece of luggage from the carousel.


If you are traveling with less luggage, say maybe a backpack and laptop case, the airport offers an option for you as well.  The carts they offer are significantly smaller, but are a huge assistance just the same.


Don’t worry, the airport has lots of these carts, and they can be located in many places throughout the airport.  So, if you are tired after a long flight to Beijing, I would like to encourage you to take advantage of the free carts, the size selection is up to you!