So, you are going to China and you are wondering about where you will encounter squatty potties and where western-style toilets will be available.  You may be glad to know that at the Beijing Capital Airport you will have a choice!  Without opening a door and looking inside, the easiest way I know to tell which toilet option is behind the door is to look at the picture on the outside of the stall door.  The first picture below is what is on the door for a squatty potty, and the second picture is for a western style toilet.  It is very easy to see the difference!




I must say that the restrooms are quite large and very clean.  I think there is always an attendant in the restrooms working to keep the facility clean and supplied.  They even have flowers on the counters and at the entrance sometimes.




Speaking entrances, they are very well marked for the ladies, men, and families.  Usually there is a large hall and, at the end of the hall, you see a picture indicating where you should go.  Also, the family restroom is usually a well-marked door within the hallway.  Additionally, you may find an another doorway within the hall marked as being wheelchair accessible.




In my opinion, the people planning the airport have done a great job of locating the restrooms. You never seem to have to go too far to find the facilities and the employees keep them very clean!