One of the things I enjoy most about this amazing airport are the sights.  When you land and taxi to your gate, you can see airlines from all around the world. Some of the jets have fascinating paint jobs.  Also, you may see a new style of airplane there.  I saw my first Airbus a380 there; it truly dwarfed the planes around it.  Thanks to the Beijing Capital Airport, I had my first ride in a 747 and a380.  747s aren’t being used as much as they were 12 years ago. 777s have a nice feature in the entertainment of passengers.  When I first started going to China, there was a screen at the front of each section, and everyone watched the same movie at the same time.  When it was over, there was a big crowd at the restrooms!  Now that people can select their own TV shows, movies, or music, the flights seem much more relaxing!

The Beijing Capital Airport is the second busiest in the world, so there is always something to see.  If you like to people watch, you have a very diverse group to view.  If you like aviation, there are very many planes to see!  If you like to watch the sunrise or enjoy a beautiful sunset, that is easily accommodated as the exterior walls of the airport are made of glass.  Getting a great view is very easy.  In fact, in the summer, you may want to choose to sit on the shady side of the terminal because it can be a little too warm for comfort in the sunshine.