Many stores with merchandise that we may want or need in a hurry are called convenience stores.  Something I have noticed is that they all have snacks for you to enjoy.  Also, convenience stores are usually in a good location, so your access is easy and unobstructed.  The Beijing Capital Airport has similar shops placed throughout the terminals and other features to enable you to enjoy your time in the airport.

In the pictures below, you will see how you can go to a convenience store and purchase a container of noodles.  To prepare the noodles for eating, you need to add hot water and then cover the noodles so they can cook, and then you are ready for your meal.


These water dispensers provide water that is too hot to touch with your skin, so be careful if you use one of these devices. They are free, which can save you some money if you are traveling on a tight budget.


Another feature at the airport for your convenience are vending machines.  These vending machines have a fairly wide selection of beverages, and yes, they are chilled.  Since the currency in China has a different size for each bill (a 1 RMB bill is smaller than a 5 RMB bill,) you will need to pay attention to the slot you use for your payment.  Make sure your bill goes in the correct slot. Otherwise, the machine may not read your bill correctly and not give you credit for the right value.  By the way, making a purchase from the vending machine is less expensive than a purchase from a convenience store at the airport.


One last thought about the convenience features at the airport, if you are not accustomed to drinking the water in China, please don’t use the water fountains.  Many travelers get sick if they drink the tap water in China. I would hate for anyone to get sick just before a 14 hour flight returning home!