Christmas decorations are gaining popularity in China. From what I have seen, upscale hotels and department stores will provide many beautiful decorations for people to enjoy.  I have seen many pictures of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and many creative light shows for Christmas while in China.  When I would ask my students and friends if they knew why Christmas was celebrated, the answer I most often received was, “it is for father Santa.”


This impressive tree was in the lobby of a hotel; it was HUGE!  I can’t begin to imagine how many lights were actually on the tree, but I would qualify it as countless.  I don’t know how the decorations at the top of the tree were placed there, but I am sure I wouldn’t want to be the person responsible for arranging them on the tree.


This display in a hotel lobby captures a couple of seasonal themes with Santa coming down a brick chimney as a snow man stands by.   It even looks like Santa is holding on to the garland for a softer landing.


This multicolored display is outside a hotel in Beijing.  As you can see, the lights change colors and are displayed well against the night sky.  There are multiple Christmas trees at the base of the structure, but I am not sure about the connection of the structure to traditional Christmas decorations.


In keeping with the outside decorations, here is another Christmas tree from a large shopping area in a smaller city.  In my opinion, I think the commercialization of Christmas will increase as retailers and other industries try to capitalize on the season.  The Chinese have more discretionary income than they had twenty years ago, so it is easy for them to get into the Christmas spending mode.