Near where I once lived in China there is an amazing park.  This park offers a wide range of opportunities to spend your time doing various enjoyable activities.  If you just want to go for a walk, the walking paths are wide and offer a wonderful view of a river.


If you prefer something a little more competitive than walking beside a river, then they have ping-pong available.  Some days, if the wind blows, things are a little more challenging for the ping-pong players.  Notice all of the exercise equipment beyond the ping-pong table.


For those that prefer a similar game, but on a larger surface, tennis is available.  Sometimes you can see lessons being provided by a coach, or even what appears to be a tournament in progress.


In addition to the previously pictured exercise options, there are innumerable pieces of exercise equipment for maintaining your health.  You can choose what part of your anatomy you want to exercise and go to work on it!


To help keep the people exercising cool, the exercise equipment is strategically located in an area with abundant shade trees.  It has been my observation that the highest percentage of people taking advantage of the park and all it has to offer were people that looked to be retirement age.  In the mornings there are often large groups of people performing their morning exercises. If you have a chance, regardless of the time of day or what type of exercise you prefer, I encourage  you to investigate the wonderful parks in China!