Many people in the world find their careers leading them to be a small business owner. The entrepreneurs of China are no exception.  It is always interesting for me to look into these small mom and pop shops, because you never know what you will find.  In the picture below, this lady is a seamstress. She had some lovely work hanging in her small shop.


Another type of small business owner, which are definitely more mobile than the ones situated in the small shops, are ones that are open air or use carts for their business.  The gentleman below is a cobbler. He was gracious enough to let me take some pictures while he was hard at work.


He had everything he needed on this little shady area on a busy street.  He had shoe polish, leather, hammers, scissors, and sewing equipment.  It is common to see people that live nearby sitting around shops like this enjoying some good company as the shop owner works away providing for their clients.


How does a bicycle repair shop move to a good location, you guessed it, by using a bike!  These mobile businesses are very common in China. They could be for food or many other businesses as well.  I like how this business owner put a two-by-four in front of his cart to keep it from rolling away!  You certainly don’t see that every day for many businesses in the states!