With China being the most populous country in the world (about 1.5 billion people live there), they face some challenges. The United States only has about 300 million people living here, so you can see the comparison. With such a large, population it is clear to see that the Chinese would have significantly more trash and debris on their streets, but they seem to control it quite well in most places.

How do they do it? Well, one way is with street sweepers. By that I literally mean people pushing a broom down the streets. They are usually in bright orange vests so they can be easily seen. Their brooms are usually made of straw and small limbs. I have used that type of broom myself, and I was very impressed by how well they moved trash and water.

Another more high tech option is a motorized street sweeper. Often, I see a street sweeping trucks like the one below. The large brushes spin quickly removing the debris from the street, and there is a large vacuum behind the brushes to suck up the trash.


These large trucks can also come equipped with a large water tank for washing the streets. With the Gobi Desert so close to many of China’s cities, they do experience dust storms. It is good to have a fleet of trucks that can wash the roads.


As you can tell by looking at all of the water outlets along the frame of this water truck, there are many ways for water to be released from the water trucks. As a child, one of my favorite toys was a water gun. (OK, I still like them!) So, by far my favorite way to see these water trucks work is with the water cannon! As I have mentioned in previous blogs, China has gorgeous plants along the roads and at intersections. When they need watering, these trucks can provide it!


Talk about a dream job for a kid that likes water pistols!