Just when you think you have seen about everything something new comes along. Okay, I know scrambled eggs aren’t very exciting, but perhaps the method of preparation can enhance their attractiveness, even to someone with a discerning pallet. During a recent trip to China, I was very surprised by how a dish of scrambled eggs was prepared. Our server placed a cooking dish on our table, which was cradled in a wooden base. A friend told me to watch what was about to happen, and then I was very surprised. The cooking pan was very hot and covered with aluminum foil…..and there were rocks in it. Then the server poured the raw beaten eggs over the rocks, and began to stir the eggs with two spoons. My friend told me that the rocks were very hot, and they were a special rock that could get very hot many times and never crack. Here is a picture of what I am describing.


The sight of rocks in your food is surprising, but not as surprising as how quickly the rocks cooked the eggs. In about two minutes the scrambled eggs were ready to be consumed. Here is a picture from just seconds later, and you can see how much progress was made in the preparation of the eggs.


Also, if you notice the color of the tea in the background, you will see that it is much darker than most of the tea served in China. This tea was made from chrysanthemums, and it was as delicious as the scrambled eggs cooked by hot rocks!