There are several differences between the breakfast eaten in the states and in China. Even the utensils we use are different, but both chop sticks and forks work equally well for the delicious meals that are served.

I am no dietitian, but I think the average diet in China is healthier than the foods commonly used in the states. Some examples of this would be the vegetables that are offered at breakfast. This is a type of cabbage with carrots mixed with it.


Another healthy option would be salad for breakfast. Also, fruit is available. Often, there will be a watermelon or beautifully carved cantaloupe on display.


Additional selections may include soup or sweet potatoes, which may have more of a yellow color than what you normally see in the states. Usually, there will be a couple of different soups on a buffet. One may be more like porridge; the other may be more like a broth.



Meat is offered, but it isn’t exactly like what we have in the states. As you can see in this next picture, the bacon (left) and sausage (right) are a little different for the Americans enjoying a breakfast in China.


I saved the best for last! This next picture is of a breakfast noodle dish that is wonderful! Sometimes, it may have meat or thinly sliced vegetables in it, but it is delicious however it comes! Believe me, you will want to get seconds of this dish!