Based on how many stores located in the Beijing Silk Market selling coats, it must be a booming business. These outdoor and ski coats come in all different colors, styles, and from many manufactures. Most of the booths in the Silk Market do a fantastic job of getting an amazing amount of product into a small space.


The different colors certainly grab your attention and there are many styles coats from which to choose. They have men’s, ladies’, and children’s options for you to see.


If you don’t see something you want, just ask; they may have it. For example, you don’t see ski bibs for children displayed in the picture, but they do have them available. I have had a (North Face) ski coat and ski bib for over ten years; they are still going strong. Okay, I don’t use them often, but they have still served me well.


These shops have ski gloves, too! To prove the jackets are truly gortex, the sales team will pour water on one for you, so can see the coat repel water.

Don’t forget to ask for something if you don’t see it displayed. The sales team will do all they can to locate whatever you want!