There are many uniforms visible in China each day, some you may not even notice. The police and military are obvious ones… so are the uniforms worn by security employees at the airport and other public places, but there are some you may not notice or even think of as uniforms.

The picture below was taken at a nice restaurant in China. The dresses are traditional, as you can tell by the collars. All of the ladies I saw working there were wearing them. Red is a very popular color in China, as you can tell by their flag!


This may surprise you, but I have seen many restaurants that bring their employees outside to do some exercises before they start their work shifts. If it is cold, they just wear a coat over their dresses.

This next picture was taken at a conference center. There was no restaurant there, so we can’t say that restaurants are the only places that make the employees dress in a uniform or all dress alike. These ladies were in a conference room hosting a meeting. Honestly, hosting may not be the correct word to use to describe what they did, because there wasn’t much for them to do during our meeting. They did escort us to and from the elevator. That made it easier to find the correct room!


As a rule, I find customer service to be very good in China. Perhaps those of us in the States could learn a thing or two from our Chinese friends!