China has realized that, in their cities, they have a very high population density. ┬áSo, where they can, they build parks. The people in the surrounding apartment buildings seem to truly appreciate and enjoy them. I have seen martial arts people practicing there and many other activities, like: riding bikes, walking, fishing, kite flying, walking dogs, reading… even napping.

It has been my experience that groups also like to use the parks for organized meetings for dancing or playing music. In many cities, I have seen the open areas of parks used for large numbers of people to gather and dance together. Usually, they have speakers and the music is traditional. Also, I have heard musical groups or bands gather and practice their particular style of music.

As you can see in the pictures below, the parks are very popular in China!



One of my favorite experiences in parks in China is when there is a band playing and the only instruments they have are drums and cymbals. Sometimes, there will be several people doing something like a line dance with brightly colored scarfs being twirled in the air. China truly has so much to offer!