OK, so this title isn’t very catchy, but it is descriptive, because cabbage is what I am writing about today. In China there are many types of cabbage. The one most of us in the States are used to eating translates out to “big head cabbage” in the Chinese language, but that isn’t the one I will tell you about today.

The cabbage I want to inform you about today is longer and thinner than the round cabbage we enjoy in the States. This particular cabbage is very commonly eaten in China and is grown in abundance.

In the winter, some people would consider this cabbage a staple. In the fall, when it is harvested, it is laid out to dry, so it is very common to see all around town.


As you can see, this cabbage is large and it can be heavy. I have heard stories about how people will have shallow shelves at the top of their walls to hold their cabbage in the winter. Also, I have heard stories of the cabbage falling and hitting people in the head and hurting them badly. So, to be safe, keep your eyes open for falling cabbage in China!