One of the things I enjoy doing while I am in China is observing the faces of the people. Let me be more specific: I enjoy looking for the older faces. I can only imagine the changes they have seen in their lives, so I find that interesting. When they were young adults, I doubt they could have imagined the changes they now see in China.

With China’s booming economy, so many people now have disposable income. With this financial advancement in their personal lives, many Chinese are buying cars. You don’t see as many pedestrians and cyclists you once saw. Also, with the technological advances, many people now use cell phones, computers, and TVs.

China is using the new technology as they increase the size of their military. They have even successfully put men into space and brought them home.

So, back to the faces I mentioned earlier. As I look at the lines on the faces, I wonder how much these older people have allowed technology and the changing times to impact their lives. Do they prefer the modern society, or do they prefer the old days?

Another aspect I enjoy about these older faces is the sense of how humble and peaceful they are. They don’t appear to be chasing some big project, rather they appear to be content with where they are. I am sure I can learn from them!