In this sleepy town in eastern China, there is a mountain that is famous in the area. Many people like climbing it in the warm weather months. The views are beautiful. The mountain is actually a little outside of town. I have climbed it a couple of times, but I wanted to show you some pictures of some interesting faces in the town. As indicated with my last blog, I enjoy looking for the older faces in China. Sometimes they are very unique and I find myself wondering about the changes those faces have seen in China over their lives.

The picture below caught my eye, mostly because Chinese men usually don’t have much facial hair. So, this man’s growth of facial hair was unique.


Perhaps the next picture is a family member of the man above. You can see some similarities! I also like the rosy cheeks on the child behind him.


The next lady approached my friends and I and spoke to us, but none of us could understand her. We wished we could have understood her, because we were sure she would have had some interesting stories.


I need to do a better job of having my camera ready when I am in China; I always see so many interesting sights! If you travel in China, please learn from my mistakes: always have your camera ready!