If you think the man in the picture below is grilling, you would be mistaken. This is not a barbecue. He is actually practicing the nearly forgotten skill of blacksmithing. So, when is the last time you saw someone using an anvil, hammer, and fire?


I found it interesting and wise that his tongues had very long handles. I am sure the metal must be extremely hot during certain phases of his work. It looked like to me the fireplace was handmade, and there is a space for a blower to make the charcoals hotter. The blower can be seen on the left side and it is green.


Some of the tools the blacksmith was using looked old, and maybe some of the handles were hand made. Perhaps he was teaching the young man his craft, but I was not sure because my language skills aren’t that strong. I do know that the blacksmith was very gracious in letting me take some pictures of him and his work.


I don’t know what my new friend was making, but I had a feeling he was proud of his work. I don’t know of many people in the world that can do what he does, so he is in an elite classification in my opinion! When you are traveling in China, you never know what you might see!