Corn must be one of the more consistent staples around the world. I have spent most of my time in China in the eastern third of the country. I have seen corn growing almost everywhere. The farmers of China have always impressed me with their use of their land. In many places I have seen corn planted all the way up to the road. That is a great way to maximize the land you have.

As I have written before, morning markets are very common in China. It is always interesting to go there and see what goods are offered that day. When corn is in season, you can smell it in the market. The farmers will put a huge load on a truck and bring it to the market.


Usually the ears of corn are large, and some are yellow, and some have different colored kernels within the same ear. Many street vendors sell corn boiled in large pots, and it smells delicious when you walk past. Sometimes you will see someone walking down the street eating an ear of corn like a banana.



If you travel in China, many people will tell you to not eat the food prepared by the street vendors, but I would disagree. I have enjoyed many delicious meals from the streets, and I think you would also!