I have often admired the farmers in China for several reasons. They have to produce enough food to feed the most populated country in the world and they make excellent use of the land they have to use. I have literally seen crops planted all the way to the road with no buffer for passing vehicles. Additionally, I have seen the farmers use terrace gardening techniques when the land requires it.


In the picture above, I think the cargo nets are used to hold the rocks in place on a slope, and not for a clothes line! As you can see in the distance, terrace gardening is use on the hill. Also, these farmers are very resourceful, which is proven by how they use the material they find when clearing a field. The trees that are cut down are prepared for building and the rocks are used as well.


The farmers are also wise, as you can tell from the location they chose. With the lake in the background, they should have all the water they need for irrigation. One thing that caught my eye in this picture is the street lamp. This was in a very rural area, and we traveled many miles on dirt roads to get there, so I can’t explain the street lamp. Maybe the farmers also have a sense of humor!