When I was teaching English at a university in eastern China, one of the places the students consistently told me they would like to see were the grasslands of China. One reason the students wanted to see the grasslands, was because they all spoke of the beautiful, blue skies. Something you should understand about the area from where the students came was that it was a coal producing area. That may not mean much to you, but it had a sizable impact on the people living in the area. Heat for the city was generated from burning coal. Also, local industries ran on coal, people heated buildings with coal, and some people cooked with coal. If you have never been in an area that used coal, I can tell you from firsthand experience, coal leaves a very fine, dark dust in the air that gets on anything and everything!

The students told me about how the tall, green grass grew as far as you could see and nomadic herdsmen let their livestock graze as they pleased. Many students said they would like to visit the area and ride horses. A friend of mine said it is a wonderful area for riding motorcycles, too.

The students assured me the grasslands were a safe area because there were no wild animals there… like tigers, which could harm you. As you can see in the picture below, the grasslands do look very inviting!