One of the many things which has surprised me during my time in China is a certain type of broom that is used. This particular broom is made of materials found all around us, so it can be made at home. The handle can be of any length you want, and the section that touches the floor or ground is made of twigs. OK, I know you are thinking that this broom wouldn’t work very well at all, but to my surprise, it works very well!

This type of broom is used in every part of China that I have visited. I saw it work no place better than on the basketball courts at the university where I was teaching. If it rained and the students wanted to dry off the courts, then these brooms were used to push the water away from the courts. Actually, those brooms were much larger than the one below, but made the same way.


This type of broom is also used by street sweepers, but it is a much larger broom than in the picture above. This is a great way to use the resources around you and put them to good use. As you can see in the picture below, these brooms can cover a lot of space!