The photos I am about to show you are of a real estate office in China. I must qualify this by saying the real estate office was close enough to a major college campus that you could throw a rock and hit it. Also, there were row after row of apartment buildings all around this real estate office, so that may have had an impact on the facility itself.


I am told that the available properties are written on the chalk board. I don’t know if the large flashlight above the chalk board is to help people see the listings at night, or if it is to take when you view the properties. Regardless, it is there to be used.


The real estate office was in a nice quiet area of town. The people were friendly and liked sitting outside with their neighbors, enjoying the company and relaxed atmosphere. Below is a better view of the chalk board with the listings and the flashlight.



I think this real estate office was strategically located on a street corner with a wonderful restaurant. The building you see behind the lady sitting down is a restaurant where you cook your own food over hot charcoal. Perhaps many real estate deals have been closed there!