In a previous post, I mentioned how street vendors in China can carve a pineapple to look like a beautiful sculpture, and then insert a strong stick in it and sell it for a beautiful treat to eat. Well, during a recent trip to China, I learned some secrets to that industry.

The first thing I learned was that the vendors have special tools they use to help them prepare the pineapples. The first tool is much like a potato or carrot peeler. This device is much larger and stronger than the potato peeler, because the skin of a pineapple is much tougher than that of a potato or carrot. With this tool, the vendors can remove the exterior of the pineapple and cut or slice anything they want to on the pineapple.



To make a beautiful design in the fruit, an additional tool is used which is much like a large set of tweezers. This tool is used to remove the dark and tough places on the pineapple. Once that is done, the pineapple is a beautiful work of art!


I wouldn’t recommend a set of tweezers this large for personal grooming. However, they do a wonderful job of beautifying a pineapple!