The highest point in Shanghai, China is called Mount She. There is a national park there, which is well maintained and beautiful. As you climb the mount, you will pass a pagoda. Out of all of the pagodas I have seen, this would be a pretty tall one.


I always find the roof line interesting on a structure like this. I am told that the way the edges come to a point has something to do with keeping evil spirits away from the building. I don’t know about that, but I do know that there were some bells which were easily viewable from the path behind the pagoda.


I think the bells were quite ornate, but the wind wasn’t blowing so I never heard them ring. The red ribbon on the bells is placed there for good luck. These are common on rear view windows in cars and trucks as well.


This pagoda serves another purpose for park visitors. As you make you way to the top of Mount She, having an interesting place to stop and catch your breath is greatly appreciated, especially if it is a hot day!