In many of the airports I have been in inside China, when you are taking a flight to a smaller city, your plane may not pull up to the terminal. Often, the plane will be waiting for you in a designated area on the tarmac and you will be put on a bus at the terminal to be taken to the plane. This was a little unnerving for me at first, because I wasn’t sure where the bus was taking us!

As you wait for your flight, you can get something to eat, watch the activity at the gates, or meet some very nice people! On this particular day, I was fortunate enough to meet some very friendly people with smiling faces.




When a flight is announced, people will line up at the gate, have their tickets checked, and board the bus. The buses are nice and clean, but get crowded quickly. It is usually a very short ride to the plane that is waiting to take you to your destination.


I imagine this system allows more flights to be used per gate. With the number of travelers increasing in China, it is imperative that their airports function efficiently! Just remember this: keep your coat if it is cold. Don’t put it in your backpack because you may wait in a line outside the plane when boarding.