As I have traveled around China, I have learned that you never know what you will see next. During a recent trip in Shanghai, I was delighted to see many pieces of art which caught my eye. For example, this unique globe was on the way up the hill to the observatory on Mount She.


I find geography interesting, so I like how China is made to stand out in this design. The artist also lets you know where Shanghai is as well!


The next picture shows an ornate object. I can only assume it has something to do with the stars, since it was outside the observatory. The dragons look serious on this structure!


In the next picture, you will probably recognize the symbol, but this particular one is useful as well as ornamental. If you look closely, the different colored stones that stick up are there to massage your feet as you walk on them. The Chinese believe feet are critical to your health, and they impact other parts of your body. I have even seen some showers with the protruding stones in them.


Finally, here is a picture of a horse. I am not sure about the meaning of the horse, but it was definitely a focal point for many people in the park.


So, not only do I want to encourage you to travel to China, but I also want to encourage you to keep your eyes open, because you never know what you will see next!