Kite flying is so popular in China that the city of Wei Fang has been designated as the kite flying capital. I have actually been in the airport there; they have some huge kites on display in the lobby and waiting areas. The kites come in many shapes and colors too. My personal favorites are the large ones shaped like a bird of prey.

Recently I was walking near a park in China and many people were out enjoying the morning sun. Some people were flying kites and, as you can guess, some people were selling kites. China is full of entrepreneurs and many work very hard to be successful.





As you can see in the pictures above, the kites can come in some very unique shapes. Honestly, I am not sure how some of them fly, but they do. I do love all of the bright colors and various designs of the kites in China. I have even seen some flying at night with luminaries attached to the tails of the kites. They were amazing to see! I have also seen some people flying kites usingĀ a large reel of kite flying twine. Their kites look like they may be three hundred feet or more in the air. With a kite flying that high and catching all of the breezes, I hope their line is very strong!