With China’s recent improvements in their economic standing, people now have more discretionary funds for nice things… like cars. This has brought about some interesting challenges for China. Many of the cities were not designed to handle this increase in the volume of cars. So, some people decide it is OK to park on the sidewalk, which is understandable because there aren’t enough parking spaces. When this becomes even more interesting is when people decide to drive on the sidewalks — no, I am not kidding. Some of the drivers are first generation drivers, so other than riding in a taxi or bus, they haven’t been exposed to a lot of driving.

The new buildings are being designed by wise engineers, so they are addressing the parking problem by digging huge holes underneath the buildings for underground parking decks. This is a great idea, so I tip my hat to those who planned the new buildings with this design.

With the new discretionary funds some in China have, many have turned to luxury cars, and some to sports cars. You can see a wide variety of cars on the streets in China!




Yes, you can even find a custom exterior on a car to help the owner express themselves. I have even seen a small black car with a Batman logo on the hood!


What car-crazy nation would be complete without a set of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror?!