During a recent trip to Shanghai, I encountered something interesting at a restaurant. I was told that this restaurant was famous for having delicious ham, but we couldn’t have any, because we didn’t order any in advance. When we entered the restaurant, there at the entrance was a ham!


As you can see, the ham was hanging in the open air. I don’t know if that was to advertise their famous ham or if that was part of the curing process. I have seen rabbits displayed at the entrance to restaurants in China before, but not whole hams like this.


The front doors for this restaurant were open, so customers and flies could easily come in and see the hams. I do like ham. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy any of this famous ham, but the rest of the food was pretty good at this restaurant.

If it is your first time to travel in China, you may want to go to your first Chinese restaurant with a local or someone that can order for you. It has been my experience that the food in China is excellent, but having someone help you order may help you to enjoy the food even more!